New Center Stage Wallpaper Mural

A new wallpaper design is available on the website. Spur your kids’ imaginations and let them flex their creative muscles with this Center Stage Mural.  Perfect for a playroom or rec room, your kids will be center stage to show off their acting chops or musical ability.  A great backdrop for Rock Band, Guitar Hero or karaoke.



Center Stage Mural

Blast from the past

Here’s a photo of my very first commissioned mural.  My oldest daughter was 3 months old when I was hired to paint this trompe l’oeil garden gate almost 23 years ago.  I never could have imagined all that was to follow, from an actual size trompe l’oeil Chevy Tahoe in a model home garage to a replica of a section of the Sistine Chapel on a foyer ceiling in Wheaton IL, to murals in Libraries, schools, parks, country clubs and model homes all across the country.  As I begin this new facet of my business developing wallpaper murals, it’s fun to look back to where it all began and look forward to what the next 23 years will bring.


mural - Garden Gate

Custom Throw Pillows

I love when I can makes something personal at Christmastime.

This year I painted some throw pillows inspired by my nieces’ personalities and interests and I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!










Decorating for the Holidays

It’s no secret that I love making interiors look beautiful and so it’s no surprise that I really love decorating for the holidays!  This year it’s all about metallics mixed with raw materials like wood, paper, pine cones, greenery and burlap.  I just can’t give up on a real tree because there’s nothing like the smell of fresh pine.

This time of year the house is full again with my girls and I gathering around the fireplace, watching movies, baking cookies and staying up way too late talking, laughing and catching up.

Wishing everyone a very a joyful holiday season and a Merry Christmas!