What makes something art???

Recently, at different gatherings, people have been interested in my thoughts and opinions about art, knowing that I make art for a living.  They show me photos of art that they just don't "get" and ask my opinion or ask deep questions about what makes something

One of those days…

Did you ever have one of those days?  The kind when the universe appears to be conspiring to give you a lesson in patience?  Had one today. Sundays are not my favorite day to work, but sometimes it just can't be avoided.  A scheduling snafu with


New Center Stage Wallpaper Mural

A new wallpaper design is available on the website. Spur your kids' imaginations and let them flex their creative muscles with this Center Stage Mural.  Perfect for a playroom or rec room, your kids will be center stage to show off their acting chops or

Cleveland Rocks (or so I’ve heard)

Road tripping once again to Cleveland and managed to forget to load my suitcase.  At least I packed my work clothes in my toolbox. Thank goodness for Target's clearance section!  Other than that, another great trip with the girls!  Cleveland Rocks   Graffiti in a teenage boys